System - Minitec System


The Minitec System is a retrofit underfloor heating system designed to be installed over existing concrete and timber floors, within a 20mm screed.

The subfloor is prepared for the Minitec panels to be installed.

The Minitec panels are installed to the heated areas and then piped.

A 20mm flexible levelling screed it then installed encapsulating the panels and UFH pipework. The system will also have an 8mm perimeter expansion strip.

​​​​​​​Our Minitec system is suitable for most floor finishes, which can be laid directly to the screed.

Techincal Data



Maximum Heat Output

up to 100 W/M2

Recommended Flow Temp

45 °C

Maximum Circuit Length

80 LM (dependant on pipe centres)

Maximum coverage per circuit

8 M2 (dependant on pipe centres)

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