System - Flowing Anhydrite Screeds


These screeds are often referred to as flowing screed or Gyvlon screed. This screed has several advantages over traditional sand and cement screeds. 

Anhydrite Screeds can also be specified as a Thermio mix (which can be installed as low as 40mm on UFH) and XTR mix (which has a compressive strength of 35N/mm2)

Typical Benefits

This product can be installed a much thinner thickness to traditional screed. Typically installed at 50mm.

Thermio Screed can be laid as low as 40mm on UFH systems

This product can be installed at a much faster rate, we have installed 2,000m2 in one day. The screed is suitable for most applications excluding wet areas.

Ideally suited to application with underfloor heating and acoustic insulation.

Can receive foot traffic 24-48 hours after installation.

Self- compacts and when dry has a compressive strength in excess of 30N/mm2.

Factory Batched.

British and European Standard complaint.

Ideally suited for Care Homes, Residential Developments, Schools and hospitals.

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